Our Performance(:

July 25th 2013 will forever be engraved in my heart and each and everyone of our hearts.  My heart is also broken because even though we had this WONDERFUL performance our camp is over so therefore we won’t be seeing each other everyday anymore.  Tonight has been the most amazing of my life and this whole experience has changed my life.   I am so very GRATEFUL for this because I am not the same person I was when this camp started.  I didn’t even wanna look at you all much less even have anything to do with y’all.  BUT I now know that you cannot judge a book by its cover and if I actually give people a chance there are good-hearted people in this CRAZY world we live in. I have changed for the better I trust people now and love them and more importantly I love myself . we all have become a little fam(ily) I also wanna say that I A SOOOOOO PROUD OF EVERYONE!!    GREAT JOB!!!!

I love you all <3

The radio station with T-Roy

So Thursday was an absolute BLAST!!!!! My thoughts were “Oh yeah its going to be fun” but i had no idea that we would have as much  fun as we did lol. Iam really happy that we were able to come back together as a group and have such an awesome day that we did. This is our last few days and its CRUNCH TIME , for some of us who are tying up some loose ends . I honestly have to say this has been a really great experience for me(:

The end of week 2

Wow it is the end of week 2.  We had a little hiccup yesterday when a few of us didn’t show very much self-control . We are all human beings so therefore we are NOT perfect and everyone has there mess ups but that is where we have to leave it we cannot dwell on it and as along as we keep pushing forward it will soon become irrelevant . Most of this week has falling back on one week one and that was TEAM WORK!!!!  The type of world we live in we have to learn to coexist with other people because if we always let our emotions control our thinking and not think logical we will never make it in our lives .  I am excited to see how this storm will end.

Well, till next time…

Enjoy your weekend!

Great week.

Hi gals and guys, mckyle here. just wanted everyone to know how great of a week we’re going to have this week. im here for anyone if they need me. all i want to do is support my peers and help them get where they need to be. thanks for being so awesome guys!