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Can we afford NOT to pay attention?

Last week we discussed making assumptions and communication.  We never want to make assumptions regarding that about which we are not certain…ask questions if the person has not been clear – especially if it involves people other than yourself.  So, what is communication anyway?  It is the exchange of information between parties.  So, effective communication is like a two-way street: information is given and received.  Ongoing communication requires a cycle where information is given,...
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On Assumptions & Communication

  It is the Saturday before Labor Day and I wish I could find some Bugs Bunny cartoons.  When I was a kid, Saturdays and Bugs Bunny just went together.  He could always make me laugh so hard.  I also thought he was pretty smart and was able to think fast on his feet.  His big, furry feet.  :c) Summer is almost over and what a summer it has been!  Sixteen AMAZING young people and eight AMAZED adults shared an AMAZING experience and became very bonded together.  I’ve realized...
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